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Our Story - hear from the Founder

'It all started back in 2014, I mean the idea of having a healthy pastry shop, but it was, for some reasons, impossible. Moreover, I did not had the concept, the purpose and the philosophy, nor the funds to start my own business.


In 2016 it all became real, it was enough to dream and plan, it was a 'just do it' moment. So, from October 2016 till October 2017, me and my team were constantly working to create, not just a simple healthy pastry shop, which by the way are plenty in Dubai, but a unique Healthy Pâtisserie, with best desserts in the city!

Trust me, all the desserts are made of fresh and high quality products, we do not care about the cost of the ingredient, it is rather more important for us to deliver the most tastiest and nutritious desserts to those, who trust us, to You!'


Kind Regards,


  Founder of Healthy Pâtisserie

Our Philosophy

Do what you love & love what you do!

Here, at Healthy Patisserie, we truly believe, whatever you are doing, whether it is excercising, losing weight or simply eating healthy, everything should be done with passion, love and delicious taste.

Our unique desserts were designed with these three components, in order to satisfy any goals and needs You have. 

Our Mission

We want to promote healthy lifestyle in Dubai & raise the awareness about the healthy eating & different eating habits.

If you are loosing weight, you are on a paleo diet, you are vegan, you have an active lifestyle, or you are just conscious about eating healthy, you SHOULD & you CAN eat nutritious, delicious & fresh desserts!

Moreover, we are conscious about the health of children, if they want to eat sweets & cakes, lets give them the opportunity to do that, but in a healthy manner;)

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